Saturday, July 25, 2009

Threat to Microsoft, Apple quietly worked to amend the content of advertising

Microsoft to launch by the end of March this year called "Laptop Hunter" (notebook hunter) advertising campaign, each store in the computer apart to find the ordinary consumers, to set a budget, as long as POWERBOOK G4 12 SERIES Battery can find a bed of roses in the budget notebook Microsoft will buy it to help them foot the bill.
The goal of the series of ads directed at Apple's notebook line and their. Advertising in each episode, the alleged "no-script-free dress rehearsal" of ordinary consumers will go before Apple's notebook stand, to say the reason they have chosen not to, such as too high, too low, such as cost-effective, and then get Microsoft money to buy a Windows PC.
Kevin Turner, Microsoft chief operating officer last week in the Microsoft Partner WPC 09 public disclosure of the meeting, they received a request to take down these ads, Apple's phone. The alleged "two weeks ago, I received a call from Apple the Ministry of Justice, they say, 'Do not play this kind of advertising, we have dropped!'" Kevin Turner said this is their career, received a "best a phone call, "which prove the effectiveness of advertising, so Microsoft to stop such ads do so.
However, only a week after Microsoft on one of them quietly revised ad. Apple Powerbook g4 12 Series Battery is a "hunter Notebook" series Part V: From Law School students Lauren and her mother went to Best Buy, the selection of 1700 U.S. dollars budget notebooks.
In the original ad (which may be about to be removed) in, Lauren came to stand before the Apple MacBook Pro, said: "This Mac in the installation of all attachments should be added before the 2000 U.S. dollars (1999 U.S. dollars price) of." Her mother asked: " you are willing to pay twice the price of what? "" do not want to. "Then they go to buy 972 U.S. dollars a Dell notebook.
In fact, in June after the introduction of a new generation of products, Apple MacBook Pro has fallen to the lowest price of 1199 U.S. dollars (the original 13-inch MacBook renamed MacBook Pro), even in traditional 15-inch models are priced as low as 1699 U.S. dollars, is in line with the advertising budget for 1700 U.S. dollars. This perhaps explains why Microsoft is now the major video site to the original ads removed, replaced by re-editing the new version.
The new version, Lauren, while still comparing Mac and PC, but the MacBook Pro did not mention specific prices, but the general said: "It seems we have to pay a high price for the brand."
Microsoft spokesman said in a statement: "We have slightly adjusted the advertising content, so that it can reflect changes in the price of Mac notebooks. This will not change the focus of the entire advertising campaign, that is, the value of PC display."

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