Thursday, July 2, 2009

Apple's new platform based on ion-MB985

Apple Computer as a fashionable electronic products, has been a large influx of people fashion focus. One Apple MB985CH / A is not only fashionable thin and light design, but also has a large 15.4-inch widescreen, high-end notebook is a home, as far as understanding, which based on the current hot new NV ION Ion platform design.

December 19, NVIDIA released a high-profile "ION (ion)" platform, in the actual test, ION platform play H.264 encoded video in the CPU occupancy rate of 20% to 30% (Blu-ray 1080p film source), In VC-1 video playback when the CPU occupancy rate is less than 20%. If PureVideoHD shut down the processor alone is responsible for decoding the work, then play the course of a very high occupancy rate of CPU, but also difficult to achieve smooth playback. In fact, this also means: ION platform for the emergence and reduce the workload of the processor, thereby significantly enhance the practical value of the platform. At the same time, POWERBOOK G4 12 SERIES BATTERY can significantly improve the general-purpose computing performance - such as video transcoding Badabon software and Photoshop CS4 software, the processor can speed up more than 10 times the performance increase, for example, in Photoshop CS4, users can be completed quickly, such as rotating , flip, and commonly used filters to deal with graphics and so on.

Keyboard, Apple Powerbook g3 Series Battery uses a square cap independent, so that among the keys to maintain a sufficient distance, so when the keyboard is not too crowded; hand, the back stretch is relatively small, at the same time In order to ensure the ultra-thin body, the keyboard keys used in ultra-short-range design, operation to take some time to adjust. In addition, Apple's keyboards have always been ordinary PC keyboard functions there are many differences in the use of Windows operating system, many of the functions of keys may be different, such as the Windows of the Ctrl key is under the Apple keyboard option key and so on.

Configuration, the Apple MacBook Pro (MB985CH / A) using the 2.66G GHz for Intel Core2 Duo (Penryn) P9550, at the same time the model will use NVIDIA's GeForce 9400M chipset onboard GPU as the core structure and display of high-definition Play all the more easily, with a 4G memory, 320G hard drive, more powerful performance.

Interface, the fuselage to connect the left port, magnetic power connector, Gigabit network interface, two USB, DisplayPort, two audio interface, Express card. And the right is still only one slot-loading CD-ROM I, along with a keyhole.

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