Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apple's new Apple notebooks will soon be listed on older MacBook Pro notebook orders to suspend

Older MacBook Pro notebooks released today after a year, Apple 661-2969 Battery has been preparing to introduce new MacBook Pro notebook, they suspended the MacBook Pro notebooks last week's order, at the same time, AppleInsider Apple's web site has also been low in some of the new close models with Core i3 processor news. Last weekend, many close to the Apple retail distributors who have revealed the new MacBook Pro news, some of the more precious were the following:

    - Insider disclosed that, despite their existing in the store inventory much MacBook Pro models, but Apple M6138LL/A Battery has received no further orders older Apple MacBook Pro notebook orders;

    - Another insider said that, its in the stores in the 13/17 inch MacBook Pro notebook has basically been sold out, which is very rare;

    - The third line of Apple product retailers discovered that people are up at the weekend, all three models of MacBook Pro notebooks have been running out of inventory. The retailer added that the inventory manager has received an order that must be two or Wednesday this week, a lot of inventory space vacated during the new Mac models for the arrival of storage used,Apple m8956ga Battery and consignment to the involved storage space than usual to to be larger.

In addition, this weekend MicroCenter (a U.S. electronics retail chain), Apple m9325g/A Battery of the Internet has also posted about the arrival of four new Apple product code and price, these new price is very close to the existing 15/17 inch MacBook Pro's price, the following is the code he posted the list:

    * Apple System Good-USA MC371LL / A ($ 1,799.99)?

    * Mac system # 1 Best-USA MC373LL / A ($ 2,199.99)?

    * Mac system # 2 Best-USA MC024LL / A ($ 2,299.99)?

    * Mac system Better-USA MC372LL / A ($ 1,999.99)

In addition, an AppleInsider reader is also posted on his blog 11 will be suspended within 24 hours of sales of Apple's older MacBook Pro notebook online shop list.

Last week, Taiwan's "Apple Daily"Apple a1039 Battery has reported that Apple will launch this month, the new MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air, Macworld is followed by another media claimed that Apple will launch on the 13th of this month the new MacBook Pro models.

At the same time, according to generators familiar with the matter, Apple's new Mac models will be part of the low-end models prepared with Intel 2.26GHz Core i3 350M processor, and at the high end / custom models equipped with a Core i7 processor, another part of the models may use Core i5 processor. However, Apple m8626ga Battery did not reveal these new models specifically for notebook or iMac models.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Apple iPad tablet surprise and disappointment

Finally, Steve Jobs sat on the sofa (he had never done before) is proud to show to the world of Apple's latest Tablet PC: iPad. The Tablet PC, as usually, led the cheering audience, but I believe that, iPad not before Apple released iPod, iPhone so sought after by others. Thin one would like, iPad release brings both surprise, there are a lot of disappointment.

After the disappointment of expectations

First iPad look not so cool. And online circulation of numerous spy photos, Imaginative than the real version of the iPad appearance seems like a sumo player version of the iPhone, special novelty. Screen the external rough edges and rounded black corner, really not so attractive. With leather (Apple a1057 Battery) As the stent design is far from elegant, hope appears to have better design. Addition of a third-party accessory manufacturers getting rich opportunities.

Secondly, the feature is not a strong resourcefulness. We do not expect the iPhone OS platform lets iPad family on what powerful, but only the iPhone App Store application support and not touch version of Mac OS,Apple m6385ga Battery is too technical products to some fans unhappy. Jobs highlighted iPad entertainment features, it appears in the iPad exclusive before the appearance of the killer application, it really is just an entertainment-oriented devices.

Third, the hardware configuration is low. Although this can also be seen as good news, after all, entry price of only 500 U.S. dollars,Apple m9572g/A Battery can not expect Apple on how generous at this price. But the 16GB capacity to store several hours 720P of the films? To know what is video playback capability as a selling point, it seems to be often in movies, songs copied back and forth. In addition iPad interface too little, and, like the iPhone, not even the built-in USB. 3G version has not GPS, mapping application results will be playing some discount.

Fourth, do not see the innovative content functions. Only iBooks reading software is a new application, but the existing content distribution and industrial model is no significant difference, unlike the iTunes Store and App Store rules of the game as a person.

No lack of surprises in which

The first is the price really is not expensive: 500 USD Apple Tablet PC.Apple m6138 Battery has only taken it to school, complete games, watching videos, do not care about 3G connectivity, really attractive. But if you need mobile Internet applications, 3G version is also not too cheap. Fortunately wifi version will definitely not be binding operators, do not escape, the price can be used to buy iphone buy Tablet PC, yes.

Second, the really thin and light. 9.7 inches touch screen, 1.3 cm thick and 680 grams of weight really lets you easily carry the. This is also the iPad,Apple m9325g/A Battery compared with the Internet's biggest advantage of this. There will be a large number of iPad special shell, jacket and carrying case occurred. The day was in his hand everywhere, even aluminium case, such a large-screen flat-panel off the ground will not break anymore Why? Estimated to have confidence in Apple.

Third, the battery life unexpectedly. Large screen, slim design, 680 grams of weight, known to 10 hours of video playback, indeed a lot. Judged cell volume accounted for the majority of iPad. Virtually a whole day to support mobile applications, I think iPad's battery fully qualified,Apple a1175 Battery not only laptop and it is difficult compared to even the e-book is also no obvious advantage. Although the books claimed to see two weeks without charge, but do not forget that when the cell phone has no charge for a week when all the smart phones are now also may be able to charge had it every day.

After the disappointment and surprise

What I would buy a iPad? The Apple m8956 Battery is do not know. The author is almost always a man with a notebook computer, the computer always on hand most of the time available. Other times there is definitely a smart hand phone, 3G mobile phones are also very tough, and in addition to typing slow, Internet experience is not bad. Car and lying in bed when the Tablet PC is actually better than cell phones and laptop computers are more comfortable with them, but this time, most users only need to read the feature, just because this function failed to convince the user took out 500 dollars. If the iPad no new killer application there, peradventure waiting to see what users.

App Store directly run numerous applications to ensure the iPad rich diligences listed there. The competitors if you want to launch similar products, Apple a1039 Battery can only select the Android platform rather than Windows, and after all the windows support multi-touch application process is very limited. At this time, Android development platform for hardware specification limits seem a bit less Fandao advantage, and developers must first consider different screen size and other hardware differences. iPad on such a high-end e-books kindle dx surely tremendous pressure. E-ink monochrome display and no dynamic effect iPad brilliant color screen too large compared to the gap, while the size, weight and even price are no obvious gaps.

In view of its use of light and a new surround, in addition to the functions of Jobs have shown, I believe that developers will bring many interesting applications iPad, users are able to produce Apple m9140g/A Battery certainly innovative uses, such as to buy a dock usually treat it as a nice digital picture frame on the table must be pretty good.

Ipod like the first time the market, no one can guess that it can sell at 100 million and change the way people experience music as, ipad difficult to predict the future. It is undeniable that Apple once again to the life science and technology has opened a new door, I believe that the Internet, laptops, e-books, mp3 as ipad these related products will change the appearance.