Sunday, July 5, 2009

Apple patent application for the three touch-screen iPhone end users to complain about

According to Apple on Thursday (July 1) made a patent application shows that Apple may be developing a touch-screen technology. Touch in people's laptops, smart phones or other electronic display devices, this touch-screen technology will provide non-visual response.

According to IBOOK SNOW WHITE SERIES BATTERY to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, said the paper, the technology may solve the iPhone virtual keyboard the largest number of users complain about a problem, that is, the lack of response to the problem of non-visual. This reaction may be tactile vibration or sound way.

In addition to using the virtual keyboard, the tactile response that a virtual click wheel for scrolling, sliding a finger in the control panel or touch screen is more than one useful contacts.

This non-visual response for visually impaired users of the touch-screen or in the dark of the users use the touch screen is also useful. This technology for people's attention would also be useful, for example, when a user when driving. The use of touch screen when driving rare and not recommended to do so.

Apple m9388ch/A Battery also made two other patent applications. One is the fingerprint detection technology, and the other is radio frequency identification reader. Fingerprint detector that allows the user through the use of specific devices in a finger to give directions. For example, the system can play music under the middle of the set to detect specific fingerprint, or the user's fingers touch when the small fast-forward or back to the music. By increasing the number of specific fingers touch a variety of commands can be increased.

Radio frequency identification reader is a RFID-related patents, including an antenna on a touch-screen devices to read RFID tags in. This label is used mainly for tracking and managing inventory in the supply chain. The technology is expected to be widely used in the future.

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