Monday, August 24, 2009

Change slim more stylish, AOC V24t join the "downsizing movement"

In recent years, IT products into the "thin is beautiful" era, a little thin, and then a little thin, designers do everything they can to get products in the "thin", "fine" to achieve a breakthrough, not only fashion style of the interpretation of the product positioning, the brand is more fully demonstrated technical strength improved. Weight-loss campaign in this IT products, from laptops to mobile phones, from the TV to display ... ... countless "male beauty" successful weight-loss, have been transformed into vogue voice - thin movement has been sweeping the world. Today, let's take a look at how thin they are successful, and which old and new weight-loss products involved do?
Activity were: AOC V24t
Title: "Extreme slim, living room of the Qing Wu Wizard"
CRT monitors then occupy the whole desktop space,M8416G/A Battery is a user nicknamed "big head." After a transformation, today's monitors have been almost look slim, Tingtingyuli controlled by the LCD can be called a reborn change. However, LCD monitors can be thin to do so? The latest addition to weight-loss camp, AOC Tiptop products, LCD monitors these stocks, "thin" in the wind pushed to the extreme, become the most "dynamic" and "downsizing Wizard."
As a Feng Shang series of new work, AOC V24t the extension of the product very artistic shape, elaborate decoration of the personality allowed full of "fashion" element of the fuselage quintana exudes charming atmosphere. Only 25 mm thin, "posture" as a deadly temptation, people can not refuse. Such a slim design makes V24t more saves desk space. In addition, V24t also comes with TV function, while the average LCD TV hanging on the wall, if the use of hanging the thickness of the fuselage with at least 15 cm above, while the AOC V24t their own slim, together with its "special" pylons plus the thickness of with nothing but 8 cm, with walls fully fit, like a beautiful painting, filling the whole room's beauty.
Mature faction: Apple MacBook Air
Title: "light and office, outdoor slim Queen"
As a portable office products, Apple m8416g/A Battery's "downsizing" has brought more convenient for users, laptops basically become the business and fashion crowd preferred computer products, they are perhaps the most mature players in the weight-loss campaign. Thin and light notebooks are mostly concentrated in the high and low ends: the low-end with the Internet being the representative of main light, but "sacrifice" part of computing performance; high-end thin and light notebook computers in the design and manufacture of considerable technical difficulty, prices higher One thin fine is sparse, a few several representative products is already very mature and become fashionable, popular weathervane, m8416g/A battery is a representative of the make. "MacBook Air will be drawn from the big envelope," visual images to express the product thin.
Moderate: Nokia E52
Title: "If the accompanying video, mobile thin Star"
Slim cell phones trip to start the earliest and the longest time, weight-loss campaign is indeed the "strong" players. From the prior have been jokingly called the "bricks" of cellular phones, to now less than a finger-thick body, slim trends and go hand in hand like the design is also changing people's lives, Apple M8416G/A Battery allowed to become a spokesman for fashion products. However, from the beginning of the cell phone, with regard to mobile, handheld design objective, and so their size is not large compared with other players, their weight-loss rate is not prominent - thin ranks second runner-up can be described as deserved . Among the many thin phones, the Nokia E52 is a typical product. It is adhering to the E series of ultra-thin design, 9.9 mm thick enough to reflect its fine features. The product launch will be led by a people's small and lightweight cell phones sought after in the breeze.
Clearly, IT products, has become a trend of slim, slimming trend to get worse. As a fashion Daren's what are you waiting for? Come and feelings in this "downsizing movement" bar!

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