Thursday, August 13, 2009

Apple faster in September pushed the new operating system Snow Leopard

According to reports, M7318 Battery's new operating system Snow Leopard is scheduled to launch in September, which will be launched by Apple so far the fastest growing operating system.
Apple Web site, said the Macintosh to run Snow Leopard shutdown faster than Leopard operating system to run existing 75 percent faster. Computer running the system from low power sleep mode to start the speed is twice as much to run Leopard. Speed wireless network to connect up to 55% faster.
Apple's Snow Leopard operating system features will expand the touchpad. Snow Leopard to install system, with multi-touch panels will support Macintosh notebook computer multi-point touch. Touch gestures can be used include, at the same time with three fingers to move left or right to view a series of pages downloaded. Four fingers up in the touch panel can drag the desktop to clear overcrowded.
Mac computer from the Leopard upgrade to Snow Leopard to be 29 U.S. dollars, authorized by 5 groups of family loading for 49 U.S. dollars. The new factory will be pre-installed on the Mac computer Snow Leopard.
Snow Leopard as a result of lower prices and thus will not directly to Apple to make much contribution to profits. Snow Leopard, Apple m7318 battery hopes to attract people to buy their production of computers, especially notebooks.
Collins Stewart analyst Ashok Kumar in a recent report that, Snow Leopard, Apple in a good position to make, you can grab the market share of notebook computers. He has given Apple's stock rating to "buy."
Apple introduced Snow Leopard in order to catch and web publishing, which is preparing to push the Microsoft operating system Windows 7 challenges. Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system was well received, but how quickly people can accept the existence of doubt it. Many people believe that the predecessor of Windows 7 to businesses and consumers Vista is for failure.

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